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Reduced Delay, Improve Coffee Freshness

To assure consistent coffee supply, we have our coffee roastery division setup right in middle of Klang Valley. The division, under the name of BureauCoffee is an exclusive facility to support growing demand of coffee beans supply to corporate offices, whom are generally Jura users. Roasting procedures in regular basis, fresh coffee beans are always within the reach in within a day or two.

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Find out all coffee blends from BureauCoffee

Corporate Coffee Subscription

Wide ranges of Blends and Origins

Try before You Decide. We can help you to identify your preferred coffee.

Coffee requirement in an organization can be a challenge - because individuals have own taste preference and that pose predicament in coffee ordering. With BureauCoffee, you have over wide ranges of coffee blends and single origins to choose from - and if you can't decide, let us help you.

Best among all, all our coffee are roasted for our Jura customers.