Reasons to Choose

Remarkable Coffee Journey at a Touch of Button

You make a conscious choice in favour of a JURA fully automatic coffee speciality machine because of its minimalist design and you can create a perfect, fresh cup of coffee at the touch of a button

With a JURA fully automatic coffee machine you can choose from the virtually unlimited selection of fresh coffee beans available, according to your taste.

You can treat yourself to an exclusive roast from a delicatessen, sample a rarity found on a trip abroad, or try a value product from your local supermarket. Our machines are built to get the best out of each blend and roast.

The JURA fully automatic coffee machines guarantee the perfect coffee experience made of fresh bean, ground and extracted at the push of a button. The roasting process is what gives the coffee beans their delicious aroma.Coffee contains around 1000 different aroma compounds, making it one of the most aromatic of all foods. Nature has given us the perfect packaging to preserve the flavour without any impediment: the coffee bean.

JURA fully automatic coffee speciality machines are designed to create the perfect coffee every time. They feature many different programming options so that you can vary your coffee to enjoy your personal favourite varieties and specialities.

  • Jura makes fresh aromatic coffee beverages - completely automatically.
  • Each cup of coffee is made on demand by just a touch of button
  • User friendly and automatic monitoring systems for daily cleaning
  • Coffee is ground for each cup just before brewing, preserving more aroma than any other brewing system.
  • Pressure brewing forces hot water through the grounds extracting flavor and aroma in less than 30 seconds
  • All Jura Super Automatic espresso machines have an extra large brewing chamber up to 16grams of coffee
  • Stand by all day long - ready anytime to make coffee
  • A high-wattage stainless steel heating block delivers unlimited amount of steam for milk frothing to make cappuccinos and lattes
  • 100% Made in Switzerland - a tag line that ensures high quality and technology more advanced.
  • The built-in commercial conical steel burr grinder is manually calibrated during assembly to assure highest precision grinding.
  • Many expatriates community chose to use JURA in their Malaysia’s office.
  • State of the art design - outlook stays for years to come
  • Solid presence among multinational corporations in Malaysia
  • You can’t get a better, more reliable machine like Jura.