Try These Ingenious Coffee Hacks To Get Your Buzz On
February 28, 2016
‘67% of Europeans can’t imagine life without coffee’, but over a third don’t know impact on their health
February 28, 2016
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New review of caffeine and sleep studies highlights need for further research

Effect of caffeine and coffee on sleep quality varies, based on individual factors  

02 February 2016Coffee, Caffeine, and Sleep1, a systematic review by Ian Clark2 and Prof. Dr. Hans Peter Landolt3, both of the University of Zürich, examines the results of 58 peer-reviewed epidemiological studies and clinical trials into the effects of caffeine and coffee on sleep.

Overall, the review finds that caffeine typically prolonged sleep latency, reduced total sleep time and sleep efficiency, and worsened perceived sleep quality. Caffein…
Coffee and Health

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